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SPI Wheel Systems

1800 789 001

Row – Crop Tyres & Wheels

We stock a complete range of row-crop tyres suitable for tractors and machinery. Choose from 12ai??? to 54ai??? diameter wheels capable of working to your unique specifications. Our quality range includes:

  • Adjustable wheels ai??i?? for superior strength and versatility. Also feature multi-track settings.
  • Fixed centres ai??i?? a hardwearing option available for a range of specialised applications.

Call the tyre and wheel specialistsAi??to discuss your row-crop requirements.

Ai??Adjustable Wheels


SPI adjustable wheels are superior in strength and versatility. Adjustable wheels can be set to multiple track settings.

Ai??Fixed Centers

SPI fixed wheels are engineered for many specific application. Fixed wheels are the stongest.