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SPI Wheel Systems

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Dual Tyre & Wheel Systems

Tested in tough conditions over many years, our dual tyre and wheel systems have proven to be the most effective in Australia. Featuring:

  • Increased traction ai??i?? dual wheels provide extra lugs, so the tractorai??i??s power is transmitted to the ground more effectively. Ideal for ground conditions that require more traction.
  • Extra flotation ai??i?? a larger footprint reduces ground pressure in soft or boggy conditions. Less soil compaction means significantly less damage to crops and pasture.
  • Superior stability ai??i?? when dual wheels are attached, the width of the tractor increases. That means greater stability ai??i?? an exceptional asset on hilly terrain.
  • Fast removalAi??ai??i?? our dual tyres use a clip-on dual system developed in the UK and tested over 30 years. This quick release over-centre clamp makes it quick and easy for farmers to remove and fit duals.
  • Tyre spacers ai??i?? specially designed by our team, these cotton-reel type spacers can be used as a dual spacer and for widening track setting for crop line applications.

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